Sunday Review: Warm Bodies

February 10, 2013

I have another movie review for you today, and it’s zombie-related subject matter again…  But if it helps, this one is from the point of view of the zombie!  No?  Sorry, I promise, no zombies next week.

Warm Bodies (film) review

Well, anyway, this past week, The Boyfriend and I went to see Warm Bodies, the latest zombie action-comedy released February 1.  I have to admit, first off, that I didn’t read the book before seeing the movie because, sadly, I didn’t even know there was a book until it was too late.  Either way, I found the film to be highly enjoyable and well-worth the (discounted) ticket price (although perhaps not a full-priced admission).

Warm Bodies centers on the main character, R (Nicholas Hoult), who is a zombie with feelings.  Thus far in his life (death?) he has wandered around a vacant city with his fellow undead brethren, eating any stray people without satisfaction; until, that is, he encounters Julie (Teresa Palmer).  In a split second decision, he saves Julie’s life and forever alters the course of human, and non-human, events.  Told from the unique perspective of a “corpse,” this latest zombie apocalypse film adds a slightly new spin on the genre.

I went into this movie with little expectations, other than being entertained, and entertained I was.  I thought the film was funny, warm and charming, if not entirely original.  Many people feel that the zombie apocalypse subject is played out, and they may be right, but what made this movie worth watching to me was, surprisingly, the soundtrack.  I love the way they used music in the story to convey the main character’s emotions, which he was unable to speak or display on his stiff, dead face.  As the character becomes more and more human-like again, the soundtrack is used less and less and more is shown by the actor (who did a great job!).

While the story had some obvious holes (it’s about zombies, what do you expect?), I give credit to the actors for great performances and to the writers (novel and script) for obviously having fun with a zombie film from a zombie’s point of view.  In comparing Warm Bodies to other zombie-related comedies, I don’t think it stands up as well to Shaun of the Dead (which, at this point, is a classic) or even Zombieland (which is just so well made, and, c’mon, it has Bill Murray); but, that being said, I think it does hold its own, especially as I feel it’s a more “accessible” zombie film that perhaps even your mom would enjoy, or at least, wouldn’t mind watching with you.  I don’t want to give anything away, but there were some really great moments in the film, not all of which were in the trailer, because don’t you just hate it when you’ve seen all the good jokes before even seeing the movie??  All in all, I really enjoyed this film and I think you will, too, provided you remember it’s a comedy about zombies and is purely meant for entertainment.


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