Sunday Review: Pitch Perfect

March 10, 2013

Hello, friends!  Sorry these review posts have been a bit intermittent, I’ve been busy with work and catching up with the family, but I promise I want to keep these a regular thing, so I’ll do my best!  This week I have the not-so-recent film, Pitch Perfect.

Pitch Perfect movie review

This movie has been out for a while now, but I recently rented it for a night in and I loved it!  Yes, you read that correctly, I loved it!  First, let me give you the details.  Pitch Perfect is about new college freshman, Beca (Anna Kendrick), who joins The Barden Bellas, the university’s all-girls a cappella singing group; hilarity ensues.  Also – predictably – she meets a cute guy from the school’s rivaling all-boy singing group, The Treblemakers, and tries desperately not to fall in love; insert angst-y romance.  Obviously, this movie is following a very typical “chick flick” format, but, ladies, do we really care?

Let me answer that question with another series of questions: Is the movie cheesy?  You bet.  Is it predictable?  Yup.  Is it entertaining?  Absolutely!!  Where this movie finds its charm is in the ensemble cast that are just quirky and weird enough to be endearing and in the current pop-culture jokes and references that will keep you laughing throughout the film.  The most delightful surprise, in fact, is the casting of the commentators played by the always hilarious Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins who do not disappoint; their catty banter during the competitions will definitely elicit at least a chuckle from the most reluctant viewer.  My favorite casting choice, however, has to be Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy; she is hands-down the most hilarious character in the film, cracking jokes left and right that made me spill my popcorn and double over in laughter!

As for the glee-club aspect of the plot, I know you may be tired of groups of teenagers singing current pop hits, but I have to admit that they did a pretty darn good job on the soundtrack in this film with fewer annoying bubble gum pop hits and a little more hip hop and classics mixed in for all audiences.  The voices of the cast were decent as well, although I can’t say how much of that was done in post, but hey, who am I to judge, I’m no troubadour myself.  All in all, I would say the film is definitely a chick flick, but for all its predictability, it is entertaining and the perfect rental for a night in with the girls!  And just in case you haven’t seen the trailer yet, here, decide for yourself:

I hope you enjoyed this edition of my Sunday Review, as always, thanks for reading :)


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