Friday Treat: Chocolate-Covered Oreo Pops

March 15, 2013

Hello, friends, Happy Friday!  I have another fun, chocolate-covered treat for you today!  Wednesday was my mom’s birthday and this Sunday the family is getting together to celebrate so I volunteered to bring some fun treats.  Since my mom requested cupcakes with white frosting and sprinkles, I knew these white-chocolate dipped Oreo pops would be perfect as soon as I saw them on Pinterest:

oreo pops on pinterest


As you may recall, I recently made Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pretzel Nuggets for the Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day (click for instructions).  I pretty much followed the same double-boiler procedure, just adjusting how I did the dipping since I was working with Oreo pops instead of pretzel nuggets.  Also, since the pretzel nuggets were such a hit – and I love peanut butter – I decided to try some of the Oreo pops dipped in melted peanut butter chips, too!  Let’s get started:

Oreo cookie pops - insert sticks

First, I grabbed all my candy sticks and Oreos and went to work inserting the sticks in between the two cookies, right into the creamy center!  It actually sounds a lot easier than it was; the cookies tended to want to separate, but I just carefully pressed them back together around the stick.  Make sure the sticks are secure, however, because otherwise you might lose a cookie in the chocolate when you start dipping!

Oreo cookie pops - dip in melted chocolate

Because I needed to fully submerge the cookies in my melted chocolate, I knew I needed a taller, more compact container, rather than a large bowl like last time, so that I could fully coat the cookie pops.  I used a small measuring cup which also allowed me to tilt the cup from side to side when the chocolate started running low.  After dipping, I allowed the excess chocolate to drip off, tapping the pop on the side of the cup, and then laid them out on some wax paper.  For the white chocolate cookie pops, I first sprinkled them on both sides and then laid them out to dry and harden:

Oreo cookie pops - lay out to dry

For the peanut butter dipped Oreo pops, I decided that they needed a little jazzing up, too, so I did a quick dark chocolate drizzle.  I think the stripes make them look a little like tigers, maybe I should have added a face and whiskers just for fun!  ;)

Oreo cookie pops - chocolate drizzle

It really couldn’t have been simpler, especially the white chocolate pops since all they needed was a quick dip and a good sprinkling and then – voila! – they were done!  They make for a very impressive, and pretty, looking treat without taking much effort.  I didn’t even  have to do any baking!

Oreo cookie pops - sprinkles

Here are my finished chocolate covered Oreo cookie pops!  What do you think??  Thanks for reading :)

finished Oreo cookie pops


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