Sunday Review: Fowl Weather

April 14, 2013

Hello, friends!  I finally have another review for you, not because I finally finished another book (I read every night and usually get through books pretty quickly), but because I was on the fence about whether to review this book for you at all.  This book is not for everyone, but in the end (obviously) I have decided to share my thoughts on Fowl Weather.

Fowl Weather by Bob Tarte book review

I said this book is not for everyone, so I’ll start with some disclaimers: If you are not an animal-lover and do not understand animal-lovers, you will not understand this book.  If you are not head over heels in love, or at least know and understand people who are head over heels in love, with birds, then you may not understand this book.  Fowl Weather is about, you guessed it, a couple of animal-loving bird owners whose pets run their lives, and they’re okay with it.

Author Bob Tarte and his wife Linda have been well trained by their 39 (at last count) pets, which include several ducks, geese, chickens, a handful of exotic birds, two bunnies and two cats (and probably some others I am missing).  I decided to read this book because I absolutely love animals of all kind.  I also work at an all-things-animal-related production house where I’ve been fortunate enough to meet so many wonderful, like-minded people who are so obsessed with their pets and animal welfare in general that they have started animal rescues, created pet-friendly products or just champion every animal-related cause they come across.  I knew right away from the description of Bob and Linda’s chaotic life that I would like them immediately because I’ve met them, or people just like them, before.  And I did.

I loved meeting Bob and Linda and all of their 39 pets, but I will warn you that Bob’s sense of humor is dry and, well, he’s a little weird, but, thankfully, his life is just weird enough to be entertaining.  Fowl Weather is subtle and more than a little meandering, but in reading about Bob’s endless routine of animal chores – from the most mundane, like mucking out the duck wading pools, to the most inane, like holding his cat’s water bowl inches above the ground so she’ll drink out of it – you see how these crazy, charming animals teach Bob not only how to care for them, but how to care for, and deal with, the human companions in his life as well.  From Bob’s aging mother to his wayward friends, Bob learns patience, humility and humor from his pets.  And we get to come along for the ride.

I was uncertain whether or not to review this book because I know it’s not for everyone, but I also know that anyone who is as pet-obsessed as Bob and Linda Tarte (and me) will love reading their story and absolutely love meeting their animals.  Fowl Weather is at times endearing, slow, weird, sad, laugh-out-loud funny and, ultimately, a great book to sink into after a long day when all you want is to leave the human world behind and hang out with your pets.

Thanks for reading :)


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