New Etsy: Candy Colored Bracelets

July 10, 2013

Hello, friends!  It is a bit of a gloomy Wednesday morning here, but that is alright with me because I have a bunch of cleaning and work and basically chores to catch up on today.  I have been super busy lately with celebrations and get-togethers and such, but I have also been working really hard on my Etsy shop and some behind-the-scenes kind of stuff.  I am really excited about a new line of bracelets I have created, so today I decided to share these pretty little darlings with you!


These might look familiar to you because I just posted a little sneak peek picture the other day, but I have also been making wrap bracelets similar to these for a while now, mostly as gifts for friends and family.  I have been scouring the stores for more beautiful colors of faux suede that I could use to create these versatile, fun bracelets and I think I have found some great classic and trendy colors.

braided_aqua braided_lime_clasp braided_navy_arm braided_purple_packaging

I currently have these bracelets available in a deep navy blue, a bright royal purple, a beautiful aqua blue, a pretty lime green and a darker emerald green (not pictured here).  Hopefully I will have even more colors on the way soon, too!  Of course, you can find all of these bracelets for sale in my Etsy shop: Alligator Toe.

I think I am actually most excited about the new photos.  I am still working on getting different angles and adjusting lighting and color, but I think this new photo shoot in the all white environment really makes the bracelets themselves stand out and the beautiful colors really pop!

Well, I have a lot to get done this morning so I better get going because this afternoon I am taking my friend to see Despicable Me 2 for her birthday – hurray!  I loved the first Despicable Me, so I cannot wait to see the new one.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading :)



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