Beauty Review: Makeup Removing Towelettes

October 3, 2013

Hello, friends!  It’s been a while since I’ve done a beauty post, but I’ve been working on this one for a while, so I hope it’s informative!

This may not be a new trend, but ever since facial towelettes and makeup removing wipes have become popular lately, I have been trying nearly all of them!  I love the ease and convenience of cleaning my face and removing my makeup with one quick swipe, but let me tell you, not all wipes are created equal.  I’ll jump right in and get to the winner because, let’s be honest, that’s what you all really want to know!  ;)


And the winner is…  Burt’s Bees Sensitive, facial cleansing towelettes for sensitive skin!  These wipes were hands down my favorite – they were the most effective at removing all of my makeup while leaving my face feeling clean and refreshed and not remotely abused.  I love the fact that I could even remove all of my toughest eye makeup without making my eyes remotely sore and without even a hint of stinging or scary red eyes (which always makes me wonder if the product I’m using is really all that safe).  Burt’s Bees products are natural and the proof is definitely in the pudding.


I also liked the regular, or non-sensitive, Burt’s Bees facial towelettes, but they were not as gentle as the wipes designed for sensitive skin (uh, duh, Kristi).  Although I would not classify my skin as being sensitive, I still much prefer the sensitive wipes, which were gentle, but packed the same punch as the regular wipes as far as removing makeup and leaving my skin feeling clean.


Yes to Cucumber Soothing hypoallergenic facial cleansing towelettes are probably the runner up as my next favorite wipe.  They definitely felt incredibly soothing on my skin and the cucumber scent added an extra touch of refreshing goodness.  The drawback: they were not quite as effective at removing tougher eye makeup and if I scrubbed too hard (to compensate for the lack of makeup removal), they felt rough and irritating on my skin, especially the sensitive skin around my eyes.


I tried the Neutrogena makeup removing towelettes while I was on a trip to San Francisco because they are also available in a small travel pack of seven.  While I liked these wipes for their effectiveness at removing makeup, they had a weird, slightly oily texture to them that made me want to wash my face after using them… totally pointless considering the purpose of the towelette is to eliminate the need to wash my face in the first place.  I do like the convenience for travel and would probably consider using them again if I am somewhere where washing my face is not a viable option (camping, for example), but they are not my first choice as a daily beauty tool.


The Olay Fresh Effects S’Wipe Out makeup removing cloths are my least favorite of the wipes I tried.  They, like the Neutrogena wipes, also had a weird texture/oiliness, that was definitely not refreshing and they totally made my eyes sting if I got too close while trying to remove my eye makeup.  Perhaps it is just me and there is some ingredient in these wipes that my skin reacted poorly to, but they were just not my cup of tea.

Of course, there are many more brands and varieties of makeup removing towelettes out there, but these are some of the wipes that I have personally tested.  And I’m glad I found a wipe I really like because it has been so easy incorporating it into my daily and nightly skin routine.  It is so convenient to do a quick swipe at night to remove my makeup so that I can save the more complicated cleansing, scrubbing and/or exfoliating for my shower in the morning.  Sigh, the price of beauty!  ;)

Have you tried incorporating a makeup removing wipe into your skincare routine ?  Which brand/varitey is your favorite??  As always, thanks for reading :), Kristi

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  • davyjones6

    Hey Kristi! I’m going to have to try the Burt’s Bees ones. However, I’ve been making my own wipes/makeup removers and they have been awesome for me and super cheap. Have you ever thought of trying it? I use all natural baby wash, coconut oil, distilled water, and a few drops of tea tree oil as an antiseptic.

    October 22, 2013 at 11:34 am Reply
    • alligatortoe

      Wow that sounds amazing, I totally never thought of making my own! Your recipe sounds perfect, what do you use for a cloth or do you just use it as a face wash?? Thanks for the suggestion! :)

      October 22, 2013 at 12:04 pm Reply

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