Dazzling Dresses for Discerning Damsels

January 8, 2014

Hello, friends!  If you are at all a regular reader of my blog, then you have probably noticed that I generally like to keep things pretty casual.  I am all about comfort in style, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to dress up when the occasion calls for it.

I was recently contacted by 1dress.co.uk to partner with them on a small promotion.  They offered me a discount on any dress of my choosing (and they have A LOT to choose from) or a free gift for review.  While I absolutely drooled over the dresses on their site, I don’t have the need for any formal wear at the moment, so I chose the free gift (duh).  So, long story short, they are sending me this adorable little clutch purse of my choosing (pictured below) and I cannot wait for it to arrive!


Isn’t it just the sparkliest??  The site mainly sells dresses and they have literally hundreds upon hundreds of dresses in various formal styles, but the best part is that they will make any dress custom to your measurements!  I so wish my sisters and I had known about this site when we were searching for bridesmaid dresses.  I chose a few of my favorites.


I obviously tend to opt for more simple styles, especially for a bridesmaid (it is the bride’s day, after all), but they have tons of fun dresses for all ages.  They have more mature/conservative styles as well as some really fun, youthful dresses for prom.  I loved their selection of prom dresses and would have loved to wear any of these to my prom.


(The last two are a little wild, but how fun would be to wear a dress with that crazy tulle skirt to prom?!)  One of my favorite features of the site, however, is that they actually create copies of popular celebrity dresses!  How many times have you watched an award show and seen a spectacular dress only to wonder what it would be like to wear something that drool-worthy??  Well, thanks to 1dress.co.uk, you can!


From Taylor Momsen’s Grecian style dress to Sarah Paulson’s blue lace gown, there are so many amazing, gorgeous confections on this site.  And their prices are completely reasonable for formal attire, especially after reading all of the great reviews on the fit and quality.  Plus, each dress is totally customizable not only to your exact measurements, but in any color of your choosing as well!  They have so many dresses, I had to pick a few more to share, just for fun.


I mean, they have pretty much any formal, special occasion, party, evening, cocktail or fancy dress you can imagine!  They even have bridal gowns and full-on, full-skirt ball gowns!  The site feels endless, but they have a ton of categories for you to choose from and so many ways to narrow down your search like silhouette, hem length, sleeves, neckline, etc.  If you haven’t heard of 1dress.co.uk before, you have to check it out, if even just to drool over the dresses!

I hope you enjoyed a little formal attire eye candy.  I cannot wait to get my little clutch purse (and then come up with an excuse to wear it)!  Do you like getting all gussied up or are dresses not really your thing??  As always, thanks for reading :), Kristi


*All images taken from 1dress.co.uk

**I have been asked by the company to provide an article about their site (1dress.co.uk), but all opinions represented in this post are my own.  I was not monetarily compensated and all observations are my honest opinion.


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