What to Pack for a Mini Cold Weather Vacation

January 14, 2014

Hello, friends!  I have been a busy lady lately back at work, spending time with my new nephews and getting ready for a quick trip to Utah to visit one of my very best friends!  I cannot tell you how excited I am to see one of my favorite people on the planet (who I so rarely get to see). Given that Utah is one of those crazy states that actually has weather and seasons and all that jazz (note: sarcasm), I have decided to compile some sartorial inspiration to help me figure out what the heck to pack!


I will be spending four days and three nights and the forecast is anywhere between the upper 30’s and lower 40’s.  I am a bit baffled and a lot excited at the premise of cold weather since it has been in the 80’s here and I am planning on wearing shorts and a t-shirt tomorrow – yeesh!  Anyway, on to the packing plan:

  1. A warm jacket/coat is a must, obviously!  I will be carrying a nice, thick parka on the plane with me so I don’t have to worry about packing it in my carry-on.
  2. Sweaters!  I don’t want to pack a ton of bulky, chunky knits, so I will only be bringing a couple warm, versatile sweaters and probably a hoodie for layering.
  3. Pants are obvious and since jeans are one of my favorite items of clothing, I will probably be packing a couple pairs.
  4. Layering is key to keeping warm so I will be including some basic layers like long-sleeved shirts.
  5. Since we’re on the topic of layering, I will also be packing some compression pants (running tights/leggings) as well as some fleece-lined tights/leggings for extra warmth in case it gets very cold (or I’m a wimp, which is likely since I’m not at all accustomed to the weather).
  6. Cold weather boots!  I don’t want to waste space or add weight to my suitcase, so I will probably be bringing just the one pair of duck boots – warm and practical and cute!
  7. Accessories are an easy way to add variety and style to a limited wardrobe, plus scarves are always cozy for plane trips.
  8. Also on the list of necessary accessories is a warm knit hat.  My ears tend to ache when they get too cold, so I will be bringing more than one ear-warming knit.
  9. Speaking of chilly extremities, my hands are always freezing.  Gloves are another must for cold-weather accessories!
  10. Last, but certainly not least, are the socks.  I plan on packing my most comfortable hiking socks as well as some nice, thick wool socks to keep my toes warm!

Well, it’s nice to have this lovely list of cold-weather inspiration; unfortunately, I still have to actually do the packing.  You know, pull everything out of my drawers and closet, throw it around my room trying to see what goes with what and eventually see if I can fit it all into my carry-on.  Lookout Utah, here I come!  ;)

Do you have any winter travel plans??  As always, thanks for reading :), Kristi

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