Vegas Spotlight: The Auto Collections

March 15, 2014

Hello, friends, and welcome to the next stop in my mini Vegas tour:

The Auto Collections

As I mentioned in my Vegas Weekend overview, I was in Las Vegas, Nevada, this past weekend for Derek’s parents’ 25th anniversary and vow renewal.  While there, Derek and I decided to hit up a few of the local highlights, including the classic car show located at The Quad hotel.  I have always appreciated beautiful, vintage cars and so when Derek’s dad scored four free tickets, we couldn’t see a reason not to head to the 125,000 square foot showroom to see the 250+ classic cars.


Here are Molly and Jimmy (Derek’s parents) hamming it up, with Jimmy pretending to be behind the wheel of one of the classic cars.

Buick-blueJFK-Lincoln-ContinentalBel-Air-red_01car-show-blues-brothersvitnage_ImpalaAlfaRomeoAlfaRomeo_full VW-bus-coral_01

Here are Derek and Jimmy posing in front of this super cool vintage firetruck.  It was pretty wild to see the giant engine and old-fashioned mechanics.


And here is my personal favorite from the show (I have a sentimental attachment to Volkswagons and this bus, renovated as a complete camper with an adorable vintage picnic theme, is just the tops!):


Isn’t it just the bees knees?!  Alright, fantasy land over, it IS adorable, but the price… not so much (try $100,000+).  What would be your fantasy car??

As always, thanks for reading, and look out for my next (and final) installment in my mini Vegas tour: the Neon Museum!  :), Kristi

PS. If you’re heading to Vegas and you’re interested in checking out The Auto Collections, stop by their website for a free ticket!

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