Thrift Style August Recap

September 1, 2014

Hello, friends, and Happy Labor Day to my U.S. readers!  I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend!  I am having a great day so far.  My mom and I went for a walk around the Bolsa Chica Wetlands this morning, did some cooking this afternoon (fresh potato salad for dinner – yum!), and tonight we’re going to be roasting weenies over the firepit in our backyard!

I have had a really relaxing day and I am feeling so refreshed and recharged, ready to set goals, accomplish tasks and pretty much own the month of September like a boss!  Get ready for some good stuff!  ;)


Before I attack my To-Do List, however, I wanted to share a quick retrospective on this past month and my very first Instagram challenge: Thrift Style August.  Conceived of by the ever-stylish Zhenya of Being Zhenya, Thrift Style August was a super fun, month-long challenge to wear ensembles based on the daily theme or prompt featuring thrifted items.

I was actually a little nervous for this challenge, since it was my first time doing an Instagram challenge, and I have never been good about posting to Instagram on a daily basis.  As the challenge went on, however, I found it surprisingly easy to put together outfits wearing all of my favorite thrifted clothing and accessories.

Looking back, I am glad I won’t have to post to Instagram everyday, but this challenge was a ton of fun and it has totally encouraged me to post to Instagram more often.  If you follow me on Instagram, then you might already have seen my fun recap slideshow (if not, you can follow me here – or check out my links on the sidebar)!

Anyway, enough chatter, here are my personal favorites from the past month!


As always, thanks for reading!  Love, Kristi :)




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