How to Pack for London During Fall

September 22, 2015

I have been suffering from some serious wanderlust lately, basically dying to get away from this horrid heat and head somewhere cool where they actually have this season called fall.  And ever since my recent trip to the UK, I already can’t wait to go back.  I can only imagine London in the fall….

So, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share some great info from a guest who’s traveled to the UK regularly and knows all about their tricky fall weather!  Without further ado, here are some travel tips from James:

What to Pack for a Trip to London During Fall

As seasons go, Fall is a tricky one especially when it comes to traveling to the UK. The weather in the UK usually worsens as September arrives, and it’s at this point that the bad weather starts to govern what people can do, what they wear and when the sun rises and sets.

Holiday Weather predicts that the average temperature for London during the month of October is around 13°C (about 55°F), and while that doesn’t seem too bad, it can be prone to severe fluctuations. Often, London will experience rain and high winds during October so it’s important that you’re well prepared.

Tower Bridge, London

So, what clothes should you pack in your suitcase for your visit to London?

A thick coat is an absolute must…

How to Pack for London During Fall -- A thick coat like these from H&M, Uniqlo or Old Navy | Delightfully Kristi

1. H&M // 2. Uniqlo // 3. Old Navy

A thick coat is a necessity, and will keep you warm especially during the early mornings and late at night. Temperatures can drop close to freezing at the aforementioned times, so at the very worst, it’s best to travel equipped with a thick waterproof coat that will keep you dry and warm in case of bad weather.

(Coats can also be a great fashion statement, and since you’ll likely be wearing it a lot, try looking for something functional and stylish!)

A woolly hat

How to Pack for London During Fall -- A wooly / knit hat like these from American Eagle, Top Shop or Forever 21 | Delightfully Kristi

1. AE // 2. Top Shop // 3. Forever 21

It’s important to wear hats in cold climates because the majority of body heat leaves the head and wearing a hat will keep heat stored in your body. In fact, Star Tribune state that 70% of the heat that leaves your body leaves through a person’s head, so if you want to keep warm, make sure you take a woolly hat with you.

(Good to know!  PS. A wooly hat is what we call a beanie or knit hat in the states!)

Warm socks

How to Pack for London During Fall -- Warm socks like these from Urban Outfitters, Sports Authority or Target | Delightfully Kristi

1. Urban Outfitters // 2. Sports Authority // 3. Target

Another vital part of your body to keep toasty is your feet. Taking some thick socks with you on holiday will allow you to do as much walking and sightseeing as humanly possible without having to worry about your feet becoming freezing cold.

(Socks may not always be glamorous, but my feet are always cold, so I like to layer my socks and even look for a comfy wool pair!  Cold feet make me miserable!)

A backpack

How to Pack for London During Fall -- A backpack like these from JustFab, Forever 21 or DSW | Delightfully Kristi

1. JustFab  //  2. Forever 21  //  3. Betsey Johnson via DSW

There is so much to see in London, and if you follow the trusted tourist routes the likelihood is you’ll be sightseeing for up to 8-10 hours a day. With that in mind, it’s always best to take a backpack out with you. If you’re on a budget you can store food in there to eat during the day instead of eating at a pricey restaurant in London city center.

(It’s no secret to anyone that knows me that I LOVE backpacks, so I am thrilled that there are so many stylish options now!  I couldn’t have made it on my trip without one!)

Additional travel information and cost-cutting advice

Depending on the flexibility of your budget, travel arrangements can determine how much you spend in London. Although Ampp3d say that the price of cabs have been greatly reduced due to the introduction of Uber to the market, this isn’t the case for all cabs, especially Black Cabs. The rates employed by the quintessential British cabs are still high and can leave you wondering why you didn’t just take a bus or the underground to save you money.

(For this reason, I got an Oyster Card ahead of time for traveling on the Tube.  But a trip to the airport on the Tube can be a real hassle, so keep James’ next tip in mind!)

Because of the prices of cabs, sometimes things like staying at a hotel the night before your departing flight from London can save you money instead of having to hail a cab in the early hours of the morning. Cabs are usually more expensive at night and before 6am, thus staying at a hotel close to the airport or an “0n-airport” hotel will save you a significant amount of money. Parking4Less points out that “Finding a good quality cheap hotel at Heathrow can be a challenge. Most hotels cater for business travellers during the week so some bargains can be had for weekend stays.” So, if you are flying back during the week, the likelihood is you’ll find a cheap deal at a hotel located close to London’s biggest airport, Heathrow, or even Gatwick for that matter.

If you have any tips regarding traveling to London in Fall, please leave your comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

For other posts on how to enjoy London to the fullest, be sure to read about Kristi’s trip to the UK here.

About the author:

James Ellyson has been travelling to London regularly ever since he first went for business in 2005. Over the years, he’s learned how to make the most out of his trips to London, and he’s here to share his knowledge with you.


Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this article from James (with a bit of commentary from me)!  Be sure to share if you have any tips for traveling to the UK in the fall!

Thanks for reading!

Delightfully, Kristi (signature)


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