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August 1, 2016

I know, I know, I haven’t blogged in over a week and I’ve been back from my trip for a full two weeks and I’m just now posting photos… but, in my defense, it’s been a very busy and productive two weeks!  I’ll tell you all about it later, but for now, I want to share some photos from my trip the Baltic region of Europe.

Once again, my mom and I hit the high seas, this time taking a cruise around the Baltic, starting with a few days in Amsterdam.  The weather was chilly (which I preferred), and the travel was crazy (high security, missed flights, the works)!  BUT every person we met was friendly and so helpful (well, minus one very grumpy bus driver), and every city we saw was absolutely gorgeous!

Altogether, I took well over 1500 photos, so narrowing them down and editing them was no easy task.  I’ve whittled it down to just 40 that I had to share, but I am sure it won’t do any of these beautiful cities justice.  That being said, click on a photo to open the gallery, and enjoy!

I hope you liked my photos.  Despite having taken so many pictures, I actually tried to put my camera down more this trip, look around and soak it all in.  I’m so glad I have the photos, but even more grateful for the memories.  My mom and I had an amazing time and I will never forget this incredible experience.

I’ve realized that from each place we visit, we take a part of it home with us.  The sights, the sounds, the flavors, all become a part of us, changing our perspective of the world just the teeniest bit.  Even during this time of unrest and heightened security, we met so many wonderful, genuine people willing to help us in our travels.  No matter what one hateful individual or group of people does, there are so many more kind and generous people in this world.

Thanks for reading!  :)

Delightfully, Kristi (signature)


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