May Flowers + Floral Nail Art Roundup | #MonthlyMani

May 19, 2017

Happy May!

It is hard to believe that summer is almost here, but I am not complaining about the warmer weather and all the beautiful flowers in bloom!  Our #MonthlyMani theme is pretty obvious, but May Flowers seemed like an obvious choice, especially when floral nail art happens to be a favorite of mine!  ;)

For today’s floral nail art, I wanted something subtle, simple and extra feminine.  Lately I’ve been loving the contrast between soft, spring pastels and bold, bright summer hues.  I can’t get enough blush and neon pink accents!  While I opted not to use any neon polishes this time around, I did pick a warm, peach-y nude base and accented it with bright white and pink.

To create this manicure, I started with my all-time favorite nude shade – “Nude Now” by Sally Hansen – and then added white and pink flowers with burgundy centers and teal/green leaves.  I used my dotting tool and small brush for a simple floral design.

The flowers themselves are my favorite (okay, my only) dot flower.  It’s a quick and easy flower to create when I am particularly short on time.  You can see a full tutorial right here on my YouTube channel if you’ve never tried a dot flower before!  Also, because I’ve mentioned my fondness for quick floral nail art, here’s a roundup of some of my past favorites:

Clockwise from top left: 1. Pretty Pastels 2. Daisies 3. Radiant Orchid 4. May Flowers

I can easily say – and you might have guessed – that floral nail art is my favorite type of nail art.  It’s so fun and easy to play around with a dotting tool and try out different flower shapes.  Plus, looking down at my nails and seeing happy little flowers looking back at me always makes me smile.

If you want to smile some more (see what I did there? eh, eh??) be sure to check out The Fashion Huntress for her interpretation of our May Flowers theme!


As always, thanks for reading!  :)


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