Floral + Polka Dot Midi Dress Refashion

July 25, 2017

Wow, so I have been a terrible blogger…  Since the beginning of this year, I have literally ONLY posted Monthly Mani’s, and nothing else.  BUT I miss it, and I miss you!  So, what better way to get back into the swing of things than with a refashion?!  And not just any old refashion, but a super fun, and super pretty, midi dress refashion!  Yippee, time for a movie montage!  (I wish!)

It started one day when I was cleaning out my closet.  I have had this one maxi skirt that I really wanted to like because the fabric was so pretty; but, it was a maxi skirt, and I just never really got into wearing maxi skirts.  So, in the donate pile it went.  The next thing I pulled out of my closet was a fun polka dot dress that I wore several times.  It has had a cute cutout on the bodice; but, the skirt was sewed wrong and it never lay quite right.  As I was going to throw it in the donate pile alongside the dress, an idea came to me…

Why not combine the two together?!  I love the fabric of the skirt and the bodice from the dress, so why not put the dress bodice and the skirt together to make a whole new dress??  I did, and I LOVE it!  What do you think?

I have never had a midi length dress before because I wasn’t sure the length was flattering on me, but I think it works with this dress.  Plus, the combination of mini polka dots on the top and a big floral print on the bottom is just too much fun!  The midi dress refashion itself was really easy.  As easy, in fact, as cutting the waistband off the skirt, and the bodice off the dress, and then sewing the new pieces together.

Since the bodice of the dress has an elastic / shirred back to it, I didn’t even need to worry about anything more than gathering up the top of the skirt a bit to match the width of the bodice.  Then I sewed the two pieces together and completed the refashion by finishing the raw edges.

For the outfit itself, I paired it with flat, beaded sandals and simple accessories – a pop of color with neon pink stud earrings, a white beaded bracelet and my favorite sunglasses.

If you follow me on social media at all, then you know I’ve been busy with work, a few trips, family, friends, and, of course, my pups.  Including our newest rescue doggy who decided to photo bomb my photo shoot.  I’d like to introduce you to my co-star, Mr. Bing “Crosby” Peterson!

Well, that was fun!  I have more plans for more posts, but I’m not going to make any promises, because life.  I’ve been busy, but I do love blogging, so stick around, if you feel like it.

As always, thanks for reading! :)


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