It’s a Bat Dress! | Fall #OOTD

December 5, 2017

I really couldn’t think of any better title, soo…… NaNaNaNa NaNaNaNa BAT DRESS!

There you go, I hope you’re happy now.  ;P

On to the actual outfit itself…

Yes, it is a dress, and yes, it is covered in bats, so it’s pretty much awesome, amiright??  I got this dress from Modcloth with a special promotional coupon – 40% AND free shipping!  I also got two cute basic tunic length t-shirts to wear with leggings that I love.  Maybe I’ll do an outfit post with one of them soon, too…. Maybe.

It did take me a whole month just to post this outfit.  Which is why you may or may not have noticed the Halloween decorations in the background.  No, we don’t still have fall decorations up, I just wore this outfit a month ago and am only blogging about it now.  Some of us have lives, you know, lives that include a full-time job, night classes, a side job running their own business, nieces and nephews, travel, holidays… oh, you get the idea!

The rest of the outfit was pretty easy to throw together — gray tights, brown leather chelsea booties, my favorite guitar strap saddle crossbody bag, and some accessories.  The boots were a total steal from Ross, they are real leather, Ugg brand that I got for I don’t even know how much off retail, but let me just say, it was a lot!

One of my favorite details on this dress – aside from the bats, of course – is the cutout on the back.  It’s pretty subtle, even though it’s not small, but it does add another fun dimension to the basic shift dress shape.

You may also remember seeing it when I first wore it on my instagram.  If you’re not following, then you’re definitely missing out on some gems (that’s sarcasm), but really, you did miss seeing this adorable photo of me and my fashionista mom, so here ya go!

So, what’s your vote on the bat dress? Yay or nay??

I wore this to my nephew’s birthday party and everyone kept asking me if I made it haha!  I would love to claim it, but no, I’ve been busy sewing robes lately, so not much time for sewing for myself.  Though I do have a fun project coming up pretty soon, so stay tuned!

As always, thanks for reading!  :)


*Disclaimer: This post features a referral link to the Modcloth website — oops, I did it agian!  All that means is that if you use the link to go buy something from their website, you get 20% off your purchase and I get 20% off my next purchase, too.  It’s kinda a win-win thing we got going on here, you’re welcome!  ;)

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