Red + Pink All Day | Valentine’s Day #MonthlyMani

February 13, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Okay, the official day is tomorrow, but you won’t mind if I tell you how much I love you a day early, will you??  I didn’t think so!  Also, let’s celebrate with some simply, but fun Valentine’s Day nails for a Red + Pink February #MonthlyMani!

Lately, I’ve been craving simplicity.  I want to refresh, start over, start new from the beginning… ya know?  So, when I was trying to decide how to paint my nails for V-Day, I knew I wanted something simple; just 2 colors – red and pink – and a simple design, preferably with some naked nail showing through (oooh, did she say naked?!).

So, for this design, I chose pink for the accent nails, starting with a large pink heart on each ring finger.  To make the hearts, I used my dotting tool, starting with a large dot in each corner and then pulling them down toward a point in the center!

Then, I painted my middle fingers pink as well to add a little more pop of pink.  Finally, I finished by painting the rest of my nails a vibrant fire engine red!  I’m not gonna lie, I’m totally loving me Valentine’d Day nails!!

Oh, and the polishes I used are “Mickey” in pink and “Ilga” in red, both from Julep!

Pink and red isn’t a color combination I think I’d pair together at any time of the year other than around Valentine’s Day, but I may reconsider that rule after this manicure…  I am really loving the pop of hot pink next to the deep red, so I guess it’s pink and red all day!

(I don’t know if that first image is showing upside down for you, but it is for me and I can’t figure out why and I can’t seem to fix it… so, um, sorry, if it is, and if it’s not, then great!)

Aside from work and the new semester starting up at school, I’ve also been busy working on a new Harry Potter themed design for my Etsy shop, Snickety Witch.  Hopefully I’ll be finished working out the kinks and I’ll have something to show you guys, soon!

Also, I have no idea what Derek and I will be doing for Valentine’s Day this year, but it will most likely involve a yummy dinner sometime this weekend since Derek has to work Wednesday night and I may or may not be headed to Disneyland after work.  How about you?  Any fun V-Day plans??  Or perhaps some fun plans for your own Valentine’s Day nails??

As always, thanks for reading!  :)


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