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March 16, 2018

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and while I certainly don’t plan on painting my nails for every upcoming holiday (and normally probably wouldn’t paint them for St. Patrick’s Day), I felt a little more inclined to get into the spirit this year as our class field trip is today and we are all wearing green shirts for the occasion.  I am really excited, mostly because I think the kids are going to have a blast, but also because it’s a day out of the classroom and we all really need it haha!

Anyway, about my St. Patrick’s Day nails.  I kept this manicure incredibly simple with a pretty green polish – Becca from Julep – and gold shamrock nail decals (also from Julep, AND a freebie in last month’s box!).

This was my first time using nail decals (at least that I can remember), but it wasn’t too hard once I got the hang of it.  I used a water transfer method – though I’m totally not even sure if that’s how they’re intended to be used… But basically, you cut out the decal you want, get it wet, then put it on your nail and slide the paper off.  Dry your nail and then cover with top coat.  Boom, you’re done!

If you look closely, you can see a couple spots where the nail decals got a teensy bit messed up, but shamrocks aren’t meant to be perfect… right?  Besides, I really love this green polish and will definitely have to remember it for occasions other than St. Patrick’s Day!

Did you paint your nails for St. Patty’s Day??

As always, thanks for reading!  :)


I went scrolling through my old blog posts to see what I had done for previous St. Patrick’s Day nails and found this gem of a post where I used a four leaf clover image to cover my slowly healing finger, which I had injured by accidentally sewing over my finger, breaking the needle off under my finger nail.  Hahaha oh the good times!  You’re welcome.


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