LIFE UPDATE: I Moved to Utah! And I’m Engaged!

October 3, 2019

Hey there, it’s been a while! If you’re still at all interested in what’s going on around here, then pull up a chair and let me give you a little bit of a life update on the last year and a half!

My fiance (say what?!), Derek, and I in Utah back in November when we decided this was where we wanted to move!

Life Update, The Quick Version:

Since everything happened around the same time, I’ll just jump in and get started. My last post was some time around my 31st birthday – woah! It has been almost a year and a half since then so obviously, it’s time for a life update. Let’s see, since May of 2018, I have had another birthday – my 32nd birthday – and, oh yeah, I moved to another state AND I got engaged!

I also traveled to Japan and South Korea last summer (Summer 2018) – spoiler alert, it was AMAZING! And I don’t think I even shared my trip from the summer before that (2017!) when I traveled to Alaska (also amazing and beautiful)! So, I will most likely be posting several update posts, one for each trip and then one for engagement/wedding planning stuff and maybe one for the move/apartment stuff.

Obviously, I have been a busy bee, which is a big part of the reason why my blog here fell to the wayside. I am officially going to attempt to rectify that; however, so I hope you enjoy Delightfully Kristi back in action!

We’re engaged!!!

If you’ve been around here at all, then you might recognize my long-time boyfriend, Derek. We have been together since we were in high school – almost 15 years! – so when we decided to move to Utah together, we also decided it was about time to finally get married!

Derek actually proposed while we were on the road driving my car to Utah to look for apartments. We loaded up my car full of non-essentials, drove to Utah, and hunted down a place to live. We did make one, important stop on the way, however…

The memory rocks I painted for my dad.

The Proposal

I knew that on our way to Utah, we would be passing Zyzzyx Road, and I wanted to take a short stop for a very special reason. Zyzzyx Road is where my family chose to spread my dad’s ashes after he passed away. For this reason, I had already planned to stop and place some memory rocks as a small memorial. Little did I know that several years earlier, when Derek was driving through the very same area on his way home from Vegas, my dad’s song came on the radio. Derek immediately took it as a sign that this was where he was meant to propose to me; it was as if he had been given my dad’s blessing.

On the day we headed out to Utah, we pulled off on the side of Zyzzyx Road and I started looking around for a good spot to place the memory rocks. As I was heading back towards Derek to ask him to join me, he said there was something we had to do first. Then, he pulled a ring box out of his pocket, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. We were both in tears, I said yes immediately, and then he put the ring on my finger (after I told him which hand it goes on haha)!

It was quiet and intimate and emotional and so, so perfect because it was so “us.”

Post-engagement kiss – kids, cover your eyes! ;)

So, why move to Utah?

Derek and I started planning our move in November of last year. We had been trying to make things happen for ourselves in California, but we were frustrated with the traffic, the amount of people, and the extremely high cost of living. We decided to start looking for somewhere else to live, and Utah ended up at the top of our list. With a good cost of living, nice weather, a beautiful natural setting, and the added bonus of one of my very best friends living nearby – it just seemed like the natural choice!

So, we took a trip to Salt Lake City in November to explore the area and make sure this was the place for us. We loved it!

Our first family photo in our new apartment in Utah!

All Caught Up

So, that’s the gist of it, you’re all caught up on my big life update! We started planning our move and our engagement, picked out a ring and an apartment, said our good-bye’s, and here we are. The hardest part for me was definitely leaving my old job (which I loved!) and my family and friends. Moving with my soul mate and the love of my life, however, has made the transition much easier. I love being with Derek every day, and I love the life that we are building together.

Okay, enough of the cheesy lovey dovey stuff, this post is long enough! Thanks so much for sticking around – stay tuned for more update posts to come and exciting new stuff, too!

Oh, before I go, is there anything you want to hear more about??

Thanks for reading!

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