Floral Bomber Jacket – #12MonthsofThrifting

May 21, 2020

My last post is all about “What to Do With Your Kids During School Closures” and includes a list of resources for parents who are home with their children full-time now. Since then, I left my job, started sewing masks for sale and for donation (for more info check my insta or my etsy shop), and have basically been trying to figure out what’s next. I’ve also been baking, crafting, sewing for myself, and spending quality time with my husband and pup. It’s been an adjustment, but I honestly feel incredibly grateful to have the financial security to be able to take this time to slow down and shift priorities. That, and I’ve been having so much fun playing with my wardrobe every day! Now that I’m not worried about getting covered in snot, pee or puke, I have been wearing all the things haha!

Enter: the thrifted floral bomber jacket!

Floral thrifted bomber jacket, stripe peplum top, thrifted jeans + Vans #12monthsofthrifting

The Dina’s Days #12MonthsofThrifting prompt for May is Florals, so naturally this jacket immediately came to mind. It’s originally from TopShop, but I thrifted it from D.I. earlier this year. (D.I. is a Utah thrift store chain called Deseret Industries, in case you’re unfamiliar.) The shape is awesome, the quilted fabric is weighty without being too heavy, and the blue floral pattern is fun and funky! I paired the floral bomber jacket with an old black and white stripe peplum top and my fave thrifted jeans. Then I finished the look off with my black and white polka dot Vans and some simple accessories. Pretty much the perfect casual spring outfit, if I do say so myself.

Floral thrifted bomber jacket, stripe peplum top, thrifted jeans + Vans #12monthsofthrifting
Floral thrifted TopShop bomber jacket, stripe peplum top + accessories #12monthsofthrifting
Thrifted Old Navy jeans + black/white polka dot Vans old skool pro skate shoes


Lately Derek and I have been working on the garden and fixing up our secondhand mountain bikes. The weather has been gorgeous here in Utah and I’ve been trying to get outdoors at least a little bit every day. In fact, for my birthday last week we went on a beautiful hike just outside Salt Lake City. We’re constantly amazed at how much natural beauty is basically right in our backyard. There are certainly things I miss from California, but we are both super happy to be living in Utah! :)

Speaking of the great outdoors! Derek and I also made this little bird feeder dish thing a while back out of some wood we have in our yard. So far, I’ve only had to refill it once, but is pretty exciting when I see cute birdies perched on its edge!

Thrifted floral bomber jacket + jeans - pointing out handmade bird feeder for spring!

It’s hard to see in the photo, but I’m actually pointing to our little bird feeder hanging from the corner of the roof…. Anyway, now that you’re all caught up – and you’ve seen the floral bomber jacket – how are you holding up? Has quarantine / self-isolation been difficult for you or is your introvert self thriving? Personally, I haven’t found the social distancing aspect too challenging, with the exception of missing my family and close friends.

What have you been doing to keep your spirits up? Have you been able to take time for yourself to process everything that’s happening? I hope wherever you are, you’re feeling safe and I’m sending my love to all of you!

As always, thanks for reading!

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