Custom Handmade Harry Potter Hogwarts Robes

April 9, 2016
Custom Handmade Harry Potter Hogwarts Robes - example of the Gryffindor school robe -- Other houses coming soon!! | Delightfully Kristi

It all started with a convention…

A couple years ago, I decided to make myself a Hogwarts Gryffindor robe to wear to Long Beach Comic Con.  Since then, I made a Ravenclaw robe for a friend, and basically haven’t stopped making robes since.  I quickly started taking commissions for my custom handmade Harry Potter Hogwarts robes, and I am so excited to share my high quality robes with fellow fans and Potterheads!

The robes are made of high quality suiting material so they drape and billow beautifully, and will stand up well to normal wear and tear.  These robes are so well made, in fact, that my friend and I were confused for employees at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter several times because of our convincing disguises (the poor muggles had no clue)!

In the photos above, you can see the wide hem (for extra billowing and dramatic effect), the fully lined interior and the handy wand pocket.  I place the wand pocket at hip level for easy access when quick spell casting is necessary!

The Harry Potter series is one that is near and dear to my heart and my own Gryffindor robe was my very first cosplay creation.  Ever since I read the very first novel, my love for Harry, Ron, Hermione and the world that J.K. Rowling created has only grown and I am so proud and excited to be able to share that love with fellow Potterheads.

Custom Handmade Harry Potter Hogwarts Robes - example of the Gryffindor school robe -- Other houses coming soon!! | Delightfully Kristi

The robes are handmade to your specific measurements and are fully customizable – from the wand pocket to the patch – tell me about your dream robe and I’ll do my best to make it happen!


I also have a brand new Etsy shop – Snickety Witch Outfitters – where you can pick up one of my robes and a handmade, real wood wand hand-turned by a local wandmaker!  Check out the shop often as we are still listing new products weekly!


For inquiries as to how you can get your very own Custom Handmade Harry Potter Hogwarts Robe, you can contact me directly at delightfullykristi@gmail.com; or, fill out the request form at the bottom of the page and I’ll be happy to get back to you!

But first, read some recent customer testimonials to see what others are saying about my Harry Potter inspired robes!


In a league of its own

We ordered a Gryffindor robe for our daughter for Christmas. After looking high and low for something well made she could use now and cherish for life, we found Kristi. Thank goodness! The robe was a huge hit. It is beautifully made with lovely fabric and with great attention to detail. It has become a highly coveted robe as more friends and family see and admire it. It is in a league of its own compared to most everything you can find out there. But to be honest, while receiving and delighting in the robe itself, it was Kristi who made the experience truly wonderful. She was super responsive, caring, easy to communicate with, reasonable beyond compare, and put those extra special touches in to the entire transaction that made it, well, MAGICAL! Thank you, Kristi!

Tanna Drapkin

Like a true Hogwarts student

The robes are incredible. The wand pocket is very durable and the fabric is so comfortable. The fabric flows perfectly and never wrinkles. The stitching is also amazing, I am a very clumsy person and it never ripped on the occasion that I managed to trip over my shoelace and fall on my face. These robes are fabulous and make me feel like a true Hogwarts student.

Kylie Wilmer





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